Story a day: 1.17.16

Prompt: Write instructions

1. Connect rod A to centrifuge A
2. Install Power CoreTM to centrifuge A (for assistance or repairs, contact Power Co. Inc. Intl. at (609) 555-5555)
3. Assemble the Flexible Rotating Arms
a. Gather rods B, C and D
b. Connect Flex FingersTM to rods B, C and D
c. Connect completed rods to centrifuge B
4. Using the stabilizing core, connect centrifuge A to centrifuge B (TIP!: Ensure a tight and study fit by lining up the SmartFitTM arrows on centrifuges A and B)

Congratulations! You have completed assembly of your Flexible Home Assistant. The Flexible Home Assistant may need a few moments to charge before it is ready for use. When the indicator light turns green, it is ready to provide you with an optimal orgasm experience. Thank you for choosing Pleasure Co. Corp. LLC for your at-home pleasure needs.


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