Story a day: 1.3.16

One of the reasons I restarted this is because I’ve found that it “preps” my brain for creativity. I read that if you set aside a creative time every day, your brain will learn it as a habit, as a thing it must do each day, and therefore it will prepare for that. The theory is that you’ll therefore be thinking more creatively every day. So even if some of these (most?) are absolute shit, it doesn’t matter because it’s getting my brain to think about writing every single day.

I got some evidence of this last night. As I was falling asleep, the two lines of this popped into my head and every time I woke up even a little I heard it again. So the instant I got up I was immediately ready to write. I’m not saying it’s brilliant, or even good, but my brain was already giving me something because it had anticipated that habit.

When we fall asleep forever
I hope it’s as we fall asleep for leisure
You: Face down, forehead against my shoulder, arm across my chest like a safety belt
Me: Face up, staring down the dark, clinging to that arm like a guardrail
Bodies intertwined like gnarled tree branches helping each other grow


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