Story a day: 1.31.16

Prompt: Only dialogue. Starting with a random line from the Random Dialogue Generator.

“Are you taking his side against me?”

“He does make some good points.”

“Good points? The man is practically Hitler.”

“Let’s not jump to Nazis right away, alright?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“It’s a tired argument. Everyone goes right to Nazis.”

“Well, sometimes it’s necessary. Like now. Because he’s god damn Hitler.”

“Look, let’s just let it go, alright? I just want to watch the Super All-Star World Cup Bowl.”

“Sports. Sure, retreat to sports. That’s what you always do. Meanwhile, this maniac is out there convincing the whole world he should be in change of the Unity Government.”

“I really don’t give a damn who’s in charge of what as long as North scores this basket. You’re standing in front of the holo-vision.”

“How can you care about sports when Rump is poised to actually win this thing? Do you really think there will even be a North v. South anymore? He wants to build a damn fence.”

“I swear to Harn, if you keep blocking the holo-vision…”


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