Story a day: 2.15.16

Prompt: Today’s form is blank verse, which is just unrhyming iambic pentameter.

Tell me, though: Do you eat? I often see
you in the gym. You: working, sweating so.
I must conclude, now I’ve seen sweat, you eat:
but carrots, celery, perhaps salad
Those greens make you so lean, elfen, even
Your limbs like willow branches. Thin, like whips

Reply with strength. You know this body does
You know this body works. It lifts. It pulls.
It strains. It sweats. It burns, not green, but red.
It burns with strength. Not willows but trunks.
Under wirey, little arms, lurks iron
and steel. Hard forged, hard won. Knots of power.

Tell me, though: Do I eat? Your choice to make
You decide whether I am leaf or flame


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