Story a day: 2.17.16

Prompt: Let’s do this. It’s sestina day.

The short explanation is that there are six 6-line stanzas and the last word of each line repeats in different orders throughout the six stanzas. Then there’s a seventh, shorter stanza.

First line taken from Monday’s Cracked Podcast (which was super interesting. Go listen to it).

Experience the world communicating
Transfer of minds collaborating
Micro-interactions macro-initiating
A world connected and screaming
Competing noises streaming
Through intangible webs tangling

We chose the wires tangling
For their lithe communicating
Ideas now live-streaming
Through the neurons collaborating
While alone we’re screaming
Dying sparks of thought initiating

But when ideas are initiating
And our notions tangling
Will we hear the screaming
When we’re busy communicating?
Will we stop collaborating
When the world is streaming?

We can believe in streaming
A whole world initiating
All these minds collaborating
Origins entangling
And still hate communicating
Still cherish screaming

There’s purity in screaming
Alive, but not streaming
There’s honesty in not communicating
Alone and self-initiating
With ourselves alone tangling
Personally collaborating

I and me are collaborating
Struggling and screaming
My worlds snarling, tangling
For my eyes live-streaming
Made-up worlds initiating
The most intimate way of communicating

You hear me communicating
Mousy mind initiating
Me and me, our little worlds, our fanciful fakery, internally live-streaming


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