Story a day: 2.29.16

Prompt: Last day of the poetry challenge! I made it through an entire month. To be honest, there were times I really didn’t think I would haha.

For my last poem, I’m giving myself a little challenge. I want the middle and end of the line to rhyme. So each line will rhyme with itself. I will leave the rest loose.

The fairy said, “I’ll soon be dead.”
The forest cried and said she’d lied,
but in spite of all their fears, I find no cause for tears.
Not for her, that disturber
of butterfly wings and gentler things.

The fairy spread her magic ahead
and all the forest withered to dust.

Can you blame me? Can’t you see
that little fairy quick as a bee
will surely flee?

Not dead! But instead
destroying all wherever she calls.


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