Story a day: 3.13.16

Prompt: None.

Mary never wanted to become a robot. She’d thought about it plenty. Hard to avoid the topic when even the woman selling her her milk brought it up.

“You need to be more careful,” Tracy Marble said as he opened her forearm panel and surveyed the damage to the circuits inside it.

Mary didn’t respond. She didn’t care about the damage to the hardware in her body, or to the window she’d smashed, for that matter. If they wanted to turn her into a freak and cage her, they’d have to cope with the damage she did when she tried to escape.

“All done,” Tracy said. He smiled at her as he shut her forearm panel but the glare she shot him in return withered his cheerful mood. “Back in your room then,” he said. “Let’s try to avoid any more misadventures tonight, eh?”


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