Story a day: 3.18.16

Kevin had not eaten in three days. He felt prepared.

He looked at his comrades. Two were nearly as thin as him, but not quite. The fourth was massive – both tall and wide. It was good to have balance on a team.

“Are you all ready?” Carly asked.

They all nodded.


He released his grip on the magic that had been building in him for three days and flew off in the direction of the monsters. They did not even have time to see him before he’d circled through their ranks, killing several as he went. He returned to the group.

“Second attack!”

This time Carly and the other thin person, Mark, raced in. They were slightly slower than him, due to their slightly higher mass, but no less destructive. Carly and Mark returned out of breath.

“Shaun, we got their attention,” Carly said. “Now it’s on you.”

The big man gathered his magic, accumulated and stored over days and weeks and months in his massive body. He lumbered forward. The monsters, finally understanding where the attackers were coming at them from, charged toward him. Shaun pressed on undeterred. When they were mere feet from him, he released his magic in a thunderous explosion. As his meaty fists struck the ground, Carly, Mark and Kevin toppled over. A wave of earth rolled up, crashing over the monsters and burying them under dirt and rocks.


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