Story a day: 3.21.16

World building stuff.

Arin crumbled up his homework and threw it out the window. He’d never wanted to go to university anyway. He looked outside at the straight pathways between square buildings, the uniform rows of trees, the other students in their matching red robes.

He sighed. Wind gusted through the window, blowing papers and quills off his desk. He didn’t do anything to prevent it. He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t want to be “Arin.” He was supposed to be “Aire.” One of them.

Arin stood, too irritated to sit and stare at algebra for another wasted moment.

Sure, they died a lot. An awful lot. And not only to the monsters. Sometimes it was the magic that ripped them apart from the inside out.

Even so – imagine it! Being Aire. Pushing back the fiends. Battling alongside the Protectors.

Even if he died fighting, it had to be better than homework.


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