Story a day: 4.17.16

Mary watched the man fall.

“What the hell was that?”

“Shut up,” Karen said. She crouched down, frantically waving for Mary to do the same.

They flattened themselves against a metal walkway like a winding tree branch. Other “branches” tangled through the space, creating criss-crossing metal loops and roads that meandered into obscurity.

Lying flat against the metal, Mary could see the intricate runes carved into the “road.” An old language, Mary thought, but it could as well have been scratches. Mary doubted the marks were accidental, though. At the heart of the roadways a metal tower rose, a spiral ringed with metal roads and lacy metal gateways.

Karen pointed at the metal tower. “He fell from there.”

Mary squinted. Something paced along the tower, either a man in full armor or a wholly metal being. Both seemed possible in this dreamlike metal world.


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