Story a day: 5.20.16

“We need to link out.”

He frowned at the control panel. “We don’t have enough power left.”

Hal took his hand and squeezed it. “We have to try.”

Wren scanned Hal’s face as though trying to capture and memorize every detail. Finally, he nodded.

Hal released his hand and started tapping at the control panel. After a tense minute, he sighed. “I think it’s ready.”

“Ok.” Wren looked around the room. The tiny apartment had somehow become home over the past two years. He wondered if he’d ever return to this city. He’d only planned to be here a week, maybe two. Execute the plan and get out. Hal had complicated things and soon two years passed. “At least they won’t forget us.”

Hal smiled and it took Wren back to the carefree, playful days when they’d first met. The two anarchists jamming up the machine. It had felt like a game then.

Hal took his hand again. Wren held on tightly, then hit the button on the control panel.

“No,” he said. “They won’t forget.”


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