Story a day: 5.26.16

I’m doing a lot of research about myths for a project so I’m going to let that inspire today’s entry.

The people had one god whom they named Purple. The god asked little of them, but did require a daily sacrifice of one unblemished goat.

One day, after the people sacrificed their goat, a figure walked out of the clouds. They knew from its holy bearing that it was their god, Purple.

“What have you done?” Purple asked.

“We have done as you asked,” the people said, but they trembled with fear.

Purple raged and dark clouds swirled overhead. Hail rained down to pelt the people and the ground swelled under them. “You defile your god with unclean offerings.” Lightning crashed. Thunder boomed.

The people believed they would all die for their sin of sacrificing an unclean animal, but just when the tempest reached its crescendo and the ground split apart beneath them, the god rend itself in two in the fury of its ire. The storm passed and the people who still lived looked up to see not one god but two.

“We are your gods,” the holy figures said in one voice. “Blue and Red. Honor us with sacrifices of pure silk and jewels.”


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