Story a day: 6.1.16

Father told us we couldn’t even take our toys with us. I had to leave Susi behind. I left her with the other dolls so they could play together after we left. I hope she’s ok, but while we were running the sky started turning orange-y and father said it was fire eating the village. I hope it didn’t eat Susi, but father said it was eating everything. That’s why we had to run. That’s why we couldn’t ever go home again.

I wish we could though. I miss Susi. I miss the village. I even miss going to school and having to sit next to Jak who always threw little twigs at me and then ran away. But father says we can never go back. The monster took our home, he says. The monster and his witch. They’ll eat us if they find us.

I hope they don’t eat Susi.


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