Story a day: 6.30.16

Trying a looser style.

We arrived at a city we’d never heard of, but they called it a city and at first we believed that and walked in hopeful with large eyes open to whatever wonders it may have held. He quickly learned better but I took longer to see. At first the height and shine of everything impressed me, impressed me and made me hope this was a city like I’d heard and not just another outpost between rocks like the little voice in the back of my mind cynically believed it would prove, I should have listened harder. Cynicism has rarely let me down but hope often has. They called me a pessimistic, sad child but really I just hated being disappointed and, learning how to become disappointed less frequently, resolved always to avoid disappointment and live peacefully and quietly with my grayed outlook.

This city was not a city, just an imitation of one, with its tall, shiny buildings and busy streets, but busy only  because there were no other streets and nowhere else to go. The entire thing clustered around a bus station with many busy buses like caterpillars lined up to help people escape the drab, ugly place. Dainty little things decorated the area around the bus stop, impractical bagel shops and decaffeinated coffee cafes selling sugar. They’d said it was a city but it was more like a collection, a miniature little wooden display of a city with tiny impractical jeweled shops scattered between shiny identical towers.


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