Story a day: 7.1.16

Past the halfway mark and I’ve only missed a few. If I remember correctly, one was due to getting a hip fracture and one was me just being forgetful. That’s not too bad. Hopefully I have zero misses to finish up a year of Story a Day.

What would you do if evil came to your home? I picked up a pitchfork and fought back and I do not regret it.

I cowered at first, like anyone else. She wasn’t supposed to exist; she wasn’t supposed to be more than a story to frighten children. When the evil became real, tangible through death called down in fire and lightning, I believed. I hid from a god’s eyes and hoped to go unnoticed, but I lived merely because I feared dying at her hands.

Then the black and white mercenaries arrived. I do not know if they are human, for they seem to fear nothing.

Was it right to burn our homes down simply to kill her? I do not know, but what would you do if evil infested every board and shadow of your home?


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