Story a day: 7.4.16

Inspired by a homework assignment I did in high school.

My fellow colonists, we can not – must not – take the action we are contemplating. It would be our greatest shame and folly to abandon our brothers across the ocean now when we are still so young. The crown has done nothing that has not been in our best interests. She has coddled us as we grew, comforted us through our pains, counseled us when we in our youth knew not which course was true.

But even if all this does not sway you, have you no patriotic feelings? Have you no loyalty?

If you have nothing true in your heart, perhaps cold facts will take the day. It is implausible, untenable, to do what you are proposing. We would be utterly smashed, destroyed and bankrupted. Ruin would follow swiftly on the heels of this disastrous revolution.


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