Wheel of Time: Book 4(1)


  • Chapter 18: I think this is all the Perrin/Faile I can take. Gonna have to pass on this completely pointless fight between these stupid fucking characters from now on.
  • Chapter 19: Somehow women who can do magic and who are in a world-ending battle against literal Satan are shocked into a stupor by bare tits.
  • Still chapter 19?: “All those women walking around bare breasted and with not a care for the men all around them.” My god. It’s almost like the men they work with can avoid raping them!
  • Why the fuck is it so difficult for people in this universe to conceive of a reality in which the people they care about want to make sure they’re safe?
  • Chapter 21: “It will take a kind woman’s heart” to facelessly distribute mass amounts of food supplies to starving people. Apparently men just can’t bring themselves to let people not starve. That kind of overwhelming emotion requires menstrual blood.
  • I really enjoy it when the male narrator sighs.
  • For all the many (many [many]) flaws with the female characters in this series, they do have one advantage over the men in that they can form actual friendships. Why are the men here so fucking terrible at being friends? Mat and Perrin drop Rand right quick while the women around him are totally fine with, you know, basic human friendship. Must be all those WILD emotions and the constant compulsion to clean things.
  • “Sometimes he thought women all belonged to a guild. Put a foot wrong with one and the next 10 you met would glare at you.” Yeah, I know. It’s almost like they’re fucking FRIENDS.
  • In a world in which Satan is coming to kill specifically him, Mat’s biggest fear is that he’ll get married.
  • Chapter 25: Thoughts before a battle: “An odd woman, but pretty.” Seems important.
  • “Chapter 27: The Ways. Something something Perrin–” NOPE.
  • “Women would talk about anything. They had no restraint at all.” Silly gooses!
  • A man actually shudders – SHUDDERS – when he sees a woman he used to know and she’s gained weight from having children. SHU. DDERS. This man, in nearly the next breath, “put an arm around [a woman he’s spent two books arguing with]” because she looks at a good-looking man.

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