The Wheel of Time: Book 4 (3)


  • I think I just heard the phrase “lady stare.” Or I’m having a stroke.
  • “grandfather’s fools grandfather’s fool merchants’ guards” Even the narrator didn’t sound like he understood what the fuck this meant.
  • Man, to woman he’s dating: “If you do not bake, how will we get bread?” I mean, surely he couldn’t bake. Or get bread from somewhere else. Nope. Better to starve than have your dick fall off.
  • “Cheeks heating, she tried to stop thinking of how the silk molded itself to her.” Because it’s sinful to feel good about your sinful woman body full of sin.
  • “It was not Laras’ weight that had her temper flaring. She was as plump as she’d ever been.” Oh, how good of you.
  • There is a group of people in this universe that literally has husbands throw their new wives over their shoulders and carry them away.
  • These fuckin’ teenagers talk about getting married coooonstantly.
  • Ugh. Of course this is a world where polyamory only goes one direction. Of fucking course.

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