The Wheel of Time: Book 4 (3)


  • “My price is…a wedding.” A woman only agreeing to do some extremely necessary thing if a man will marry here shouldn’t surprise at this point. And yet here I sit with my entire body cringing.
  • “I am being as forward as a Domani hussy.” God, lady, put your vag away.
  • >Characters fight from the moment they meet
    >Characters fight even more after becoming a couple
    >Characters take ridiculous risks just to spite each other
    >Characters get married
    Shouldn’t be a problem. Sounds like a healthy relationship.
  • “Girls are horrible. They laugh at you and they don’t like doing anything worth doing.” Accurate.
  • From the way the narrator read “open and soft-heartedĀ as a girl,” I presume he understands deeply the tone of the book.
  • “My pride is strong enough to endure a little fat, when it must.” – Woman working directly for the god damn devil and who canĀ fucking wield earth-shattering magic


  • The sins of a woman, as listed by another woman: Dress too low, dress too tight, smiles too much
  • “The women […] nattered on.” Group of fucking magic wielding super heroes discussing a war.
  • I can’t possibly be the first person to notice how obsessed Jordan was with women’s ages. Lan is still hot even with gray hair, but every woman is either young or “pretty, despite her age.” Then there’s the Aes Sedai, magically kept young by the Power (this does not seem to be a factor with men who use the Power). And when they lose the power they get EVEN YOUNGER. How the fuck does that even make sense? Shouldn’t they suddenly age? Or at least just look the same and start aging normally? Why does every woman have to be 16 to be of any worth?
  • Lack of emotion in men: Greatest fighters in the world.
  • Lack of emotion in women: Annoying.
  • It’s kinda weird that servants of the devil use folksy metaphors…
  • “You had to pay the price and consider it a lesson.” Translation: IF YOU FLIRT AND A MAN TAKES IT TOO FAR TOO BAD, BITCH. GET DOWN THERE AND SUCK SOME DICK. LESSON LEARNED.

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