Story a day: 7.14.16

I like this description of a city that I wrote while working on a longer project today.

She walked along the canals in only her foot bindings, enjoying the roughness of the stone and the slight tickle of air that reached her toes. The narrow streets along the canals wove through the city like interlacing fingers. Many people traveled via the waterways–on narrow boats, little more than rafts, so their skin did not dirty the water–but C— was far from the only person using the streets and enjoying the shade of the white stone buildings around her. She could smell the salt of the gulf and, mingled with it, black berries and orange berries and tart red berries that weighed down every bush in N— S—.

C— took a deep breath, savoring all the layered scents of the city. The water unpinned everything, ever present, coursing through N— S— like its lifeblood.


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