Story a day: 7.29.16

On my first day on the job as a professional park sitter, I spent eight hours reading. On my second day, I took a break during my lunch hour and hung out in an office building. The cubicle was so close and gray and quiet. A welcome break from the constant swirl and hush of fresh air.

“Come here often?”

It took me a moment to locate my tongue. I knew I looked strange in my shorts and T-shirt. “Oh, no. Actually, it’s my second day. I work in one of the parks down the road.”

He frowned a little. He must have been in the business a while. “They’re all the same. I’ve worked in three or four now. Same park politics no matter where you go or how green it seems at first. Like it so far?”

I shrugged. “It’s work.”


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