Story a day: 8.31.16

The table lamps of the empire did not particularly impress Coolie. He’d imagined them more rectangular, more imposing. But these cut corners, spewing a sickly light that hardly lit the end tables they sat on. Even the standing lamp fought pathetically against the shadows in the room.

Story a day: 8.30.16

I am certain that you left your shirt

Because your need

To control, to have, to possess, to be present, to invade my spaces

Is so great 

That even though you now run 

You need to know you left a bruise.

I wear it to the gym,

Where I go to be alone

And strong. 

Story a day: 8.29.16

And she fell into it, into them, absorbed into a flow woven in circles and loops unfathomably ancient. She lost herself among the water, becoming just more pieces of it, dissolving into several parts. Lost among the currents, time and distance loosened their grips.

When she returned, she felt like a stack of blocks, several pieces making one form.

Story a day: 8.28.16

I put my faith in a wedge of rock the size of a penny. Millions of calculations fueled the decision, weights and balances calibrated in between heartbeats. I leveraged my whole body onto the tip of a toe and stood, trusting formulas felt more than heard.

Story a day: 8.26.16

“You have no limits.”

He did not understand, but thought he’d give it a try anyway.

He jumped off a building. He fell. It was not easy, but he kept his eyes open as the ground approached. It fled from him and he continued.

He did not want to fall anymore. The ground cradled his feet. He looked around, saw lines and edges, but they fled when he reached for them.

Then he understood. Then he embraced the limitless chaos around him.

Story a day: 8.25.16

Every sentence starts with every.

Every dark curl curled with loving bounce, laying just so.

Every whisker of black eyebrow had been groomed into obedience.

Every tooth gleamed white.

Every person in the room watched the prince in awe. Every crease in his white collared shirt and puffy sleeves and puffier pants billowed in perfection. Every smooth angle of his boyish face radiated pristine beauty.

Everything was ready.