Story a day: 8.2.16

No way around it.

I crouched, wrapping my arms around my knees. I squeezed my eyes shut and prepared for the transformation.

My back broke first and I nearly bit my tongue in half to keep from screaming. My back stretched, becoming broader and rounder, hardening into a shell. Then my arms and legs lengthened, forcing me to stop hugging myself. Additional limbs punched through my new shell, stabbing out of my body.

Then the pressure hit my head. I hated this part.

It felt like someone was squeezing my skull, trying to pop it like a grape. The pain made my eyes water. I blinked and screamed and finally my head reshaped itself with a sickening crunch.

I stood on my eight new legs for a moment, trying to reorient myself to a world viewed through many, many eyes instead of just two.


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