Story a day: 8.19.16

Since I spent the afternoon on r/conlangs, instead of a story, I bring you a translation into my conlang. It is a poem that someone posted and challenged people to translate.

Looking at that cloud
The flying bird
I’m happy but you don’t like me

I want us to be in love
and go somewhere fun

But you are nowhere
Why do you want to disappear?

You are running away
Why? Why? How come?
Despite that I love you, love, love you…

Enu abein pododan
Kosein eiŕodan
Yean esodase side otake onada magonadase

Omada aŕeiodo e
geyin nanen ma beossedo yeŕadase

Side otake naenai ma esodase
Kuŕe otake nadodo yeŕadase ko

Otake esadan
Kuŕe kuŕe e kuŕe ko
Eno yuka e otada aŕeiodase aŕeiodase aŕeiodase


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