Story a day: 9.4.16

Outlines are the worst.

Been grinding out super detailed outlines for two days now and as much as I believe they are the One True Way (TM), my brain needs a break. I’m going to put on a five-minute timer and let my brain spew out absolutely anything it wants. Not going to bother to edit it either. Consider this spring cleaning.

The clouds don’t look like pinwheels anymore. They’ve gone soft around the edges. They were better when they looked like a kaleidoscope turning, turning, spiking, never not moving. They churned so fast. They moved.

A bird in the sky. Wonder what the clouds look like for him. Flight flying. Who doesn’t dream of flying? The dream of flight is a powerful thing that might bring humanity to a new technological level. Is it more worth it to fly around the world or fly in earnest in your own bedroom? Same price, different realities. They’re putting a price on physical reality and I’m no longer sure how much I want to stay out of the Bliss Machine. Strap me in. I’m ready to loosen the fragile tether that keeps me anchoring into reality.

A red key opens a blue door. Inside is a purple room. This is a good thing, purple being the logical culmination of both red and blue. And there are no lines in here, no firm edges. It is a kaleidoscope room. Like the clouds. Always changing, shifting under your feet. No bullets or bullet points in this peaceful purple kaleidoscope room. Nothing is planned. It shifts without meaning or direction and there is something wonderful in that act alone. There is something wonderful in chaos, but I am a being of order. I seek to create it all around me and I will, brick by brick, no matter how cramped my hands become.

But what if order fails me again? After so many cramped fingers, what if it’s all no good again? My meticulous order might come to nothing and then what will I do with all these colorful but rigid blocks all around me? Throw them on the bonfire and fly away. Cut the tether and fly around my room instead of around the world.


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