Story a day: 9.18.16

44 words per character; four characters


  1. Perhaps I made a mistake back then. But my entire nature begged for motion and I let the wind push and pull as it would. I am leaves skittering over pavement. Only movement keeps the turbulence at bay and maintains the precarious balance.
  2. Cycles churn like tides, washing the sand clean. I swirl the water, surrender to the recurring rhythm. I will move the tides, push the water until it overflows onto the land to drum and beat and march until the world is clean again.
  3. Stand. Weather the wind, the sand as it erodes you. I have so endured. I have stood for ages and will continue to stand. Though I change, I am ever the same. How many will crumble if I should falter? Too many. All?
  4. A creature of pure instinct can not help but create chaos in their wake. How can you fault me for embracing what I am? Yet greater discord will ensue from forcing one such as myself to be what I am not. Chaos unending.

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