WAW: Tips for Nanowrimo

Writing About Writing: A once-a-week post about some aspect of writing. I’m not an expert; I’m just some guy. Take it with a grain of salt.

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) has officially started. Unfortunately, my Nano started with no internet access.

Obstacles are part of the game

I’m trying to take my internet issues in stride and appreciate them as just part of the Nano experience. Things aren’t going to go perfectly. You will fall behind or lose internet access or your writing group will implode or your friends will drop out and you’ll have to go it alone.

Getting through it

But you can persevere! I have managed to “win” Nano before, so I’m going to offer a few tips to help push through the rough patches.

  • Don’t delete: Just write. Don’t re-read. That’s what December is for.
  • Don’t count all day: It’s super tempting to check your word count all day long but that’s going to hurt more than it helps. Just write.
  • Work on more than one thing: I’m counting this blog post (minus the disclaimer). And my story a day. And my novel. And just random garbage. If I don’t feel like writing something “real” I’m going to word vomit. It’s not about perfection. Just write.
  • Just write: But seriously, just write. Any way you can, any way you need to. Just. Write.

Godspeed and good luck. No resources this week. Just go write!


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