Story a day: 11.5.16

In Episode Three we rejoin the friends in their downtown apartment.

Becky: And that’s how I ended up with lasagna in my shoe.

[Audience laughter]

Greg: Well, that’s all well and good, but are you going to make rent this month? I can’t keep covering for you.

Becky: Err…umm…

Shaun: Oh boy. Here we go. [Flops down on couch] Another patented Becky excuse.

Joyce: I’m trademarking that!

[Audience laughter]

Becky: Well, you see, I was going to have rent money, but then I was at the bar and my shoe was untied so I figured, hey I should sit down and tie it. But you can’t just sit down in a bar and do nothing. So I got a drink so they wouldn’t kick me out and…

[Fade out and back in to indicate time passing]

Becky: And the alligator just WOULD. NOT. move. So I was like, whatever, dude, I don’t even. And he was like, well, you’re not getting your purse back. So I lost all my money.

All three: [rousing out of a bored stupor] You what?!

Becky: [bashful] Well, you know what they say…

Shaun: You reap what you sow?

Becky: So weird. My gram had a totally different end to that saying.

Joyce: Which was?

Becky: When an alligator steals your purse, make shoes!

[Becky holds up gator skin shoes. Cast groans. Audience laughs and applauds]


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