Story a day: 11.25.16

“How much will you have?”

“Fill it.”

The bartender poured, but said, “Rough weekend?”

“Just pour.”

She scowled but finished the pour and left Ether with her drink. She swirled the glowing blue liquid. Long didn’t begin to describe it. Eternal, maybe.

She held up the glass. This would help. She shot the liquid back, savoring the burn that trickled through her body. The bartender was at the other end of the counter but had an eye on her. It didn’t matter. In a few minutes the liquid would hit her whole system and the bartender, the bar, the whole weekend would all disappear.

“A lot of requests for Forget Spike this time of year,” a man said.

Ether grunted instead of responding.

“Got a lot to forget?”

“Maybe. But it starts with you.”

The man muttered as he moved away. Even as Ether watched him go she felt the warmth through her whole body and saw him fading to an outline, then a shadow, then nothing. The bar began to drain away around her, like water draining down a sink. She relaxed into the feeling and waited to forget.


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