Story a day: 11.26.16

“It’s too dangerous,” Mom said.

“Please, don’t go out there,” Dad said.

Sheila would not be deterred. When night fell and the house got quiet, she donned her cape. She stepped out into a world where powers like hers were banned, the powers of Good to triumph over Evil.

She knew what Dad would say if he could see her sneaking around right now. “Evil won before your grandparents were born. There’s nothing you can do. They’ve had power for too long.”

“They won fair and square,” Mom would add. “We’ll just have to get by.”

But Sheila wasn’t getting by.

She’d known since she was 5 that she was special. She refused to let her powers go to waste. Besides, no one would see it coming, not from a scrawny 8-year-old girl. She’d feed the poor and heal the sick before the Evil leaders even knew what was coming.


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