Story a day: 12.31.16

It feels extremely appropriate for my final Story a Day to be a translation of a passage from “The Lord of the Rings” into my conlang. This is one of the bittersweet passages at the end of the books. Sam is watching Frodo sail away with the elves. It feels to me both like a personally rewarding task and an appropriate way to process a lot of 2016.

I’ll be doing some reformatting of this blog starting tomorrow, but for today I stand on the shores of a crumbling and old world and look for the hopeful light from those who led us through the darkness before.

Side enam Sam ke metasurus amidadame sene kaneit sare ke ip Haven stodame e sare ke ip kein paiden da pododame e tanin kodus es adaien eki ese sene medan amitodume ke pododame. Eni yu ke rein sene surus stodame e adeadan tanin daken ite hemus e rubeit ata Middle-earth te aden e enei ite odeit ke sene Sam te sereit da pirodame amide. Ane Sam ke Merry e Pippin stodame e ike seridin esoduse.


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