Wednesday Practice: Random Word Generator

I got 12 words from the random word generator and I’m going to see what happens with them.

  1. far
  2. spicy
  3. nine
  4. elfin
  5. handsome
  6. provide
  7. meal
  8. brash
  9. glove
  10. fly
  11. crib
  12. faded

They were not handsome. They were not brash or aggressive. From the crib, the nine elfin men were frequently told how little like “real men” they acted.

They sat around a table, nine beautiful men. The waiter approached, carrying plates on gloved hands. He set the spicy meal down for the men, then faded away into the restaurant’s bustle.

“Thank you for providing this meal, elf father,” one of the nine prayed. The others bowed their pretty heads while the first finished the benediction.

After they ate, they gathered their things. They would travel far now, flying over clouds and rainbows until they touched down in a place where they were wanted.


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