Wednesday Practice

Challenge: Three nouns. Got three random nouns from here and I have to work with them.

courage train necklace

After years and years of trains, she stepped onto a boat.

“Doing ok?” her companion asked.

She nodded, unwilling to admit how much courage it had taken for her to step from solid land onto a rolling, unstable, treacherous dock.

Something made the dock pitch a little to one side. Or maybe nothing did. Maybe the fear and panic had infected her brain and tilted her entire world.

Either way she grasped the railing and tried not to scream.

Her partner guided her onto the deck of the ship, which, she had to admit, felt a little more steady. “You’re ok,” he said.

She knew he was right, but that didn’t convince her to loosen her hold on her grandmother’s necklace as they boarded the ship.


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