Wednesday Practice: Characters

Just some practice with creating characters. I used this character generator to get some starting points to play around with.I challenged myself to write a few sentences about five randomly generated characters.

  • The boy pushed the old woman toward the market. She grumbled as her cart jittered over the cobblestones. She’d paid for a pair of young and steady hands – she let the boy know as much. He mumbled his apologies.
  • “Here, yes, that’s where we’ll hang it,” she said. She moved through the barn in a flurry, tossing quilts onto ornate chairs, hanging pictures over older pictures, kicking over a paint can to add a puddle of color onto the layers already fading into the wood. “Over here, kitty. Yes, you sit there. The birds above and to the left. It makes a nice counter-balance, you see?”
  • The police pounded on the door. Everyone shrank back except Kare. She stood before the door, planting her feet. Her relatives called out for her to hide with them, but the storm was coming and she would not shrink from it. Someone slipped their arm into hers. They stood hooked together as the door shattered.
  • Someone fixed her food. Someone smoothed her hair. Someone turned off the news when it became so distressing that she fainted back into her cushions. Someone fanned her back to serenity.
  • She cried when the sun rose. No one asked if she was well. The other caravaneers had become accustomed to Grace’s morning cry. “I like adding something solid to the morning,” she’d explained once. “Sunrise always reveals the ripples in the world. I’m afraid it’ll tear apart.” Someone patted her shoulder. “You’ve seen 80 years of sunrises, Grace. Haven’t you figured out yet that it’s going to be ok?” “Nothing really starts or ends,” she answered.

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