Read This: Coretta Scott King’s letter

Coretta Scott King’s letter regarding the appointment of Jeff Sessions (full text)

Source: The Washington Post

This week, I’m asking you to read a letter. An old letter. A letter many people don’t want you to read.

In 1986, Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee asking them to deny the nomination of Jeff Sessions.

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions was confirmed. And this letter, this very same letter, in the hands of a different woman, was silenced.

You’ve probably heard about this incident. Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried to read this very same letter as part of her opposition to Sessions’ nomination. She was told to be quiet. She was silenced.

So, today, read this letter. The whole thing.

I won’t lie, it’s haunting. Knowing what we know now, being where we are now, Ms. King’s objections are truly, truly haunting. And it feels like we lost: Sessions is in.

But the least, the very least, we can do, is read what they don’t want us to read, see what they don’t want us to see, hear the words they don’t want us to hear. 



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