Monday Story: Slippies

“Watch out for Slippies,” the ranger whispered.

“What the hell is a Slippie?” the apprentice asked.

“You’ll know.” The ranger nodded, but said no more.

They crept between the icicles punctuating the field like giant exclamations. The icy towers stood in stark contrast to the monotone white and ear ringing silence.

The ranger suddenly grabbed the apprentice. “Don’t move.”

The apprentice saw nothing at first. Then she noticed a shimmer ahead, like heat haze but among a field of ice.

“Slippie,” the ranger said.

The apprentice still didn’t understand. Then she saw the ground curving, buckling, getting sucked down into the shimmer. Icicles snapped as they were warped out of shape. The ground started flowing away from the two hunters. The apprentice tried to leap up and run, but the ranger held her still.

“The only way to survive is to remain still,” she said.


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