WAW: Sharing is Caring

Writing About Writing: A once-a-week post about some aspect of writing. I’m not an expert; I’m just some guy. Take it with a grain of salt.

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day, in general, I couldn’t give a shit about.

But, TMI, I’m one of those hippies living in an open or poly-amorous relationship. Today, my version of celebrating was to resolve to myself to be a better partner: more open, less jealous, more giving, less possessive. I resolved to share more of what I “have” – and, importantly, to push myself farther away from the idea that “have” any human being. I am fortune to have humans who want to be constant participants in my life (and I in theirs), but I don’t own, and don’t want to own, those humans in any way.

And, since it’s Tuesday, I started thinking about what this means for writing

I went to a writing retreat in 2010 and one of the things that stuck with me from that experience was when our instructors said, “You guys will probably start getting published in chunks. Writers tend to edit each other and rise up together.”

I really love that thought. I think it’s a beautiful idea, this concept that a community of writers is raising each other up and achieving their publication goals together because they are giving to each other as much as they are taking.

Give and Take

My message this week is simple: Be giving. Be generous. Be “poly-amorous” in your writing. You don’t have one writing partner; you have a community. The goal is not to horde resources and success for yourself but to elevate your whole community by giving as much as you take.

So, put simply:

  • Read for your community
  • Edit for your community
  • Give resources and tips and encouragement to your community
  • Get feedback from your community
  • Take that feedback seriously

Be a good partner to your writing community.


None! Go get some from and give some to your writing community.


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