Wednesday Practice: Timed Writing

I did a lot of research and reading this morning, so my practice session this week is just going to be a timed writing session. Ten minutes. No theme or idea. Just setting the timer and going for it.

When the goddess came to the new world, she wrote down three things on her arm:

  • Remember
  • Preserve
  • Think

The goddess brought her people to the new world, giving them the three items she had written on her arm. She told them, “This land will sustain you. It will give you food and life and shelter, but only if you hold tight to the three things I have told you.”

The people promised to follow her guidance and set off to make their lives on their new home world.

The goddess retreated to heaven, where she slept after the long centuries of labor it had taken to create and nurture her people and the new home world they inhabited. Her sleep was deep and unbroken, so exhausted was the goddess, and nothing awoke her for hundreds of years.

But on the home world, the people slowly lost sight of the three items the goddess had given them to hold fast to. First, they forgot her words; they forgot their mother existed at all. Second, they dug and tore up and scorched the home world and did not preserve the natural things it bore for them. Third, they never stopped to think about what they had forgotten or what they had failed to preserve.

Thus it was that when the goddess finally awoke she found a blackened, ugly world in the place of the green and flourishing home she had made for her people. In her disgust and anger she fled below the ground, into the darkness before the dirt where she hoped no one would find her or hear her wails.

There, another god found her. He heard her story and by the end felt as angry as the goddess herself.

“How could they do this to you?” he asked.

“Not just to me,” the goddess said. “The pain I feel will pass. But the destruction wrought on the home world will never pass. Not until every last one of my people has died and therefore can no longer cause harm.”

This gave the god an idea. “Do you wish them dead?”

But the goddess was startled. “No! Of course not. They are still mine.”

So the god let the goddess leave his realm and return to her people. She tried to sway them with words thereafter and some did heed her call, but far to few, and these were looked at with suspicion and derision by the others. The goddess slowed the destruction of the home world, but she did not stop it.

Below, the god watched this unfold. And he became angrier and angrier, for he had fallen in love with the goddess while she was in his realm. Soon, he could not contain his anger. It boiled up until it raged out of the ground to explode into the sky in streaming shoots of molten rock. It burned all it touched and spewed angry black clouds across the sky. The world turned dark even as it burned and the destruction of the home world, and the people who’d lived on it, was complete.


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