Read This: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Source: Physical magazine

I’ve read fantasy and science fiction for my entire life. The Hobbit is what made me love speculative fiction initially and I never looked back.

Even so, I only recently became a subscriber to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It’s a well-known and long-running magazine and I finally see why.

I’ve yet to be disappointed with a single issue I’ve gotten. There are a couple duds here and there, but in four issues I believe I’ve skipped maybe two stories total. I’ve bookmarked a lot more than two that were so good that I feel like I MUST look up the author and find more by them.

Some of those include:

  • “Those Shadows Laugh” – Geoff Ryman – Sept/Oct 2016 issue
  • “A Fine Balance” – Charlotte Ashley – Nov/Dec 2016 issue
  • “Passeland” – Robert Reed – Nov/Dec 2016 issue
  • “There Used to be Olive Trees” – Rich Larsen – Jan/Feb 2017 issue
  • “A Green Silk Dress and a Wedding Death” – Cat Hellisen – March/April 2017 issue

That is only a partial list.

If fantasy and sci-fi aren’t your thing, go find a magazine of short stories for whatever your thing is. I had forgotten how rich and wonderful and fun and complete short fiction can be and this magazine has reignited my love for it.

If you want a sneak peak on the cheap, go to a used books store. You might be able to find an issue. Or go to a B&N and get the latest issue – it’s only like $8. It looks and feels like a book, so don’t go there expecting to find a glossy, thin magazine. This thing is THICK and for good reason.



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