Read This: Comic Books

I’ve been reading a ton of comic books lately and I have to say, it’s not a bad thing. So my recommendation this week is to go to a source of writing that might be uncommon for some.

At worst, comic books can show you how NOT to write dialogue. But at their best the storytelling is clever and the dialogue is worth learning a thing or two from. Writers of comic books work under constraints most of us don’t have to deal with, so it’s valuable to see what they do within the “rules” of their genre.

Some comics I would recommend:

  • March: This is a story of the American Civil Rights movement told from the perspective of now-Senator John Lewis, who was deeply involved in the movement. A lot of the writing is narrative, but the weaving of narrative and dialogue is really good.
  • Thor: Goddess of Thunder: I absolutely love how they deal with Thor going from a traditionally male role to a female role. They tackle it head on with no apologies.
  • Ms Marvel: The mix of playful high school kid lingo and humor and serious cultural issues makes this worth reading. But the book also happens to be a brilliant story written well and accompanied by great art.

There are about a gajillion more examples out there. Instead of following the links I provided above, find your local book or comic book store and buy physical copies in person! There’s nothing like browsing aisles and aisles of books mmm 🙂


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