Read This: Disability and Poverty

This Washington Post article about disability and life in a rural, poor community.

The Washington Post has been doing a ton of articles recently about rural America, or “Trump country,” as we now think of it.

This is one I found particularly interesting and eye-opening. This series of articles by the Post hasn’t been preachy or even all that political. This one mostly just follows one guy through his daily routine. And, man, what a day.

I think things like this are important to read. It’s important to develop empathy. Even as a lot of us sit here thinking, “Part of this country absolutely fucking screwed me,” (which, in fairness, is totally true) I still think it’s worthwhile to understand those people’s lives.

More empathy will never be a bad thing, even if it still results in us being irreconcilably different. I’m not about to go move my queer, blue-haired, atheist self to the deep south, but I still appreciate getting this window into lives that are utterly different from my own.


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