Monday Story: Time

I took a long break to get through a con and move. Things are still chaos, but I gotta force myself to get back to my routine, so here we go.

“Don’t be grandiose,” the technician said.

“I plan to be perfectly selfish,” I said.

“Good,” the woman in the lab coat said. Seriously, though, lab coast? We’ve had time tech for long enough that they don’t need to make it seem mysterious by sticking with the lab coats. What mess are they preventing? Will spare minutes splatter on them?

“…stick to something simple,” she was saying. “You get five minutes so keep it direct. Your past self will probably remember it as a weird dream.”

I tried to focus through the directions. Easier said than done. How many times can you be told not to kill your own grandfather?

Finally, though, I stepped into my childhood bedroom and woke the self sleeping in the bed.

“Listen up, kid,” I said. “I’ve only got five minutes…”


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