Read This: One Hundred Years of Solitude

One Hundred Years of Solitude

By: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This book is weird. Like, super, super weird.

I read it years ago and some of it sticks out in my mind in incredibly vivid detail. Some is just a blur of… weirdness.

But it’s all the best type of weirdness. This book is seriously brilliant. Marquez tells the story of several generations of one family living in one house. It all seems pretty normal at first but… well… I can’t even adequately describe the strange, winding path this story and this family take. You wouldn’t think so much could fit into the story of one family in one house, but that is the least of the surprises you’ll discover here.

Experience this book for yourself, but don’t frustrate yourself taking it super seriously and searching for hidden codes and meanings. I think something this modernist and experimental and loose just needs to be taken as it is. Sit back and relax and let your time reading this book be whatever it wants to be. Daydream. Refocus. Be horrified. Be disgusted. Be delighted. And then… let it go.


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